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to creating an open, online ecosystem for machine learning. OpenML is an online platform where people can easily search past machine learning experiments, datasets and algorithms, view results, share with others, and easily create new models and experiments. It helps you build on reproducible results, collaborate in real-time online, and become more visible.

More information on OpenML.org.

In a hackathon-style event

people work uninterupted in small teams for many hours or days at a time. This edition will be primarily targeted at developers. Bring your laptop, learn how to use OpenML in tutorials, and build something great that pushes the scientific community (and yourself) forward. Anything goes, from a cool extension of OpenML itself to integrating OpenML in your own machine learning system.

Program and info.

You are invited

and participation is free of charge. However, places are limited. Please register by following the link below.

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We can't wait to see you there!